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Joining in with Hashtag Hours


10th March 2016

Joining in with hashtag hours can very useful to businesses. Not only can it be useful for businesses but hashtag hours are very useful for being social and chatting.

Hashtag hours are great for advertising your business and building up relationships with future clients and potential partners. One thing to remember with hashtag hours is if you are selling something you don’t want to spam that hour with tweets advertising your business/product/service. We like to use the 5 in 1 rule when using Twitter hashtag hours. This is for every 5 tweets, 4 tweets are chatty/social tweets and then the fifth tweet is your advertisement tweet.

9 times out of 10 you won’t sell anything straight away but you may get a few clicks to your website. The good thing with hashtag hours is that it allows you to build up connections. So you may not sell anything or achieve anything but by being active and engaging people will remember you. So although they may not need your services now they made want to use your services 6 months down the line and because of hashtag hours they’ve remembered you and in a sense know you so this really helps.

If you haven’t been involved in any hashtag hours or you would like to get involved in more hashtag hours then use our site The Hashtag Directory to discover Twitter even further.

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