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A Look Back At March


1st April 2016

Now Easter has passed we are officially a quarter the way through 2016.

Looking back at March a lot has happened and most of them not being good. Let’s take a look back at March:

  • #Easter was always going to crop up during March and why else wouldn’t it. #Easter is always heavily associated with chocolate and the iconic Easter egg aswell as the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  • A not so good moment of March was the #EgyptAir hijacking, now although this wasn’t terrorist related it did highlight the cause for concern over security. The #EgyptAir flight was originally destined for Egypt but diverted to Larnaca Airport in Cyprus due to the hijacking. Fortunately the matter has been resolved and everyone is safe.
  • Another sad moment of March was the attacks in #Brussels at the Airport and Metro Station. 2 bombs were set off in the check in area of #Brussels Airport and another bomb set off at the Metro Station, atleast 35 people are believed to have died on that day with many still seriously injured in hospital. The Airport and all Metro Stations shut down for a few days bringing Brussels to a complete stand still. With the Airport now partially opened it is hoped that in the near future Brussels can start to go back to normal life.
  • We mentioned back in February about the trial of Sunderland footballer #AdamJohnson and as we thought it carried on into March. The trial has now come to an end and the footballer was sentenced to 6 years in prison.
  • Although it was only a friendly #England national team came back from 2 goals down to beat the Germans 3-2 with Vardy also getting on the scoresheet on his debut. Fingers crossed #England replicate this performance in France at the Euros in the Summer of 2016! #ComeOnEngland

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