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A Look Back at June 2016


1st July 2016

It’s amazing how quick this year is passing, we’re now half way through the year. June signifies the official start of a Summer, although we’re not sure we’ve had much of Summer during June…

Let’s take a look back at June:

  • June was packed with events and Twitter discussions. One of the biggest topics of June was the exit of Britain from Europe, #BREXIT. Although we haven’t officially left yet, the vote was cast towards the end of June and the outcome was in favour of leaving the EU. This has really split the opinions of a lot of people and I’m sure many of you reading this have read all about it on Twitter and other various places. The #EURefResults also saw our Prime Minister, David Cameron step down from his duties. As it has been well publicised, David Cameron wanted Britain to stay in Europe but things didn’t go his away. The morning of the #EURefResults Cameron announced he will be resigning as Prime Minister. Who will be the next Prime Minister?
  • We also saw a major sporting event taking place in France this June, which will carry on into July. #EURO2016 kicked off on June 10th. The tournament had been overshadowed slightly, certainly in the early stages of the tournament. The violence between the Russians and English had been talked about enormously on Twitter and in the news. It’s a sad side of football but thankfully the violence seems to of calmed down now, meaning we can focus on the football. #EURO2016 like any other football tournament just wasn’t meant to be for England. Finishing second in the Group Stages it set England up for a last 16 game against Iceland. A team England were thought to beat without much problem. Many England fans like myself sadly knew that wasn’t going to be the case and England were knocked out by Iceland after losing 2-1. That result saw Roy Hodgson also resign from England management.
  • One of the biggest festivals of the year was brought to us during June - #Glastonbury2016. Festival goers will know this is one of the UK’s biggest festivals and it rarely ever disappoints. Unfortunately for some festival goers, they were caught in the #GlastonburyTraffic on the 22nd June for hours on end, some being stuck for up to 15 hours. A highlight of #Glastonbury like every year was the headliners, Coldplay. They played a brilliant tribute to Viola Beach who sadly passed earlier this year. Coldplay played one of Viola Beach’s songs, allowing them to headline Glastonbury for one song. If you haven’t already it’s worth checking out, absolutely brilliant!
  • Heading outside of the UK again, we saw the sad mass shooting in #Orlando (#PrayForOrlando). Just like many of these sad events it brought people together in the streets and on Twitter. Countries around the world paid a touching tribute by lighting up famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower in an array of colours. The #Orlando shooting was inside a gay nightclub where 49 people sadly lost their lives when enjoying a night out and another 53 injured. Unfortunately with America’s soft approach to guns and ease of being able to get hold of a gun this probably won’t be the last mass shooting we hear about unless something is done.
  • Towards the end of June we saw another incident involving a passenger plane. This time it was #SingaporeAirlines where an engine caught fire and looked as though it spread across the wing. Luckily for all passengers on board the plane was able to make an emergency landing and all passengers and crew managed to escape safely. This just goes to show the importance of safety and listening to the safety brief at the start of any flight. An investigation will now take place into why the engine caught fire.

June was certainly a very busy and an important month. With the decision to leave the EU, June 2016 will certainly go down in history as a major event for the UK. Let’s hope we’ve made the right decision and our new Prime Minister can lead this country on to great things. We’d love to hear your thoughts on June – tweet us @thehashtaghq!

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