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Taking a look back at July 2016


1st August 2016

We were lucky enough in July to experience a bit of summer especially for people living in the South and endured a heatwave at one point. Let’s hope this continues in August!

Let’s take a look back at July and what happened :

  • Sadly again I find myself writing about another terror related attack, this time it was the attacks in #Nice at a firework show celebrating Bastille day. A truck smashed into a crowd in the French resort of #Nice, killing at least 84 people and injuring many others. The attacker then opened fire on the fleeing crowd until the police eventually shot the attacker dead on the scene. Some 200 people were injured with 49 in a critical condition and 18 in intensive care. We hope that #Nice can get back to its formal glory and tourists will begin to once again enjoy the city.
  • Heading over to America to something that wasn’t terror related but just as horrific. The shooting of #AltonSterling once again divided opinion on guns in America and also looking at if the shooting was a racist attack by Police. Videos and news reported that #AltonSterling wasn’t going for his gun and was complying until the officer shot him. Off the back of this gunmen in #Dallas believed to have some kind of sniper and other weapons shot at police killing give officers and injuring seven others.
  • #Euro2016 came to end at the beginning of July. A slightly boring game in some respects as #France took on #Portgual in the final. It was 0-0 throughout the 90 minutes which meant extra time and possibly penalties was needed to decide the game. Fortunately for viewers and the neutral the game came to life with a fabulous goal from Eder for #Portugal. That proved to be the decisive goal as #Portugal went on to win 1 nil and lift the trophy. Does this put Ronaldo ahead of Messi in terms of greatness with not only success with his clubs but now his country? We will leave that to you to decide.
  • In July there was also a big week for the UK as #DavidCameron officially announced his resignation and that #TheresaMay would fill his position as Prime Minister. #TheresaMay became British prime minister on Wednesday 13th July 2016 after being appointed by British Queen Elizabeth II shortly after the monarch accepted #DavidCameron's resignation. Following on from this #TheresaMay has already handed out several roles including one to #BorisJohnson who is now the new leader for the Secretary of Defence.
  • A quick football round up with the #TransferWindow officially opening in July. We’ve seen some big names moving around Europe and out of Europe to the like of China. A quick few worth mention, Manchester United have been busy bringing in Ibrahimović who’s going to be a joy to watch and also Henrikh Mkhitaryan. Across the City to Manchester City they have brought in the likes of Gundogan and Nolito with others reporting in the pipeline to join them. Chelsea have also made some good signings with Kante and Batshuayi who will be exciting to watch. Many other teams have also done some good business this #TransferWindow including a big money move by Juventus for Higuain.

July was a very eventful month and we hope that August brings us sun and positive events to write about. Tweet us @thehashtaghq if you want to chat!

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