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Looking back at September 2016


4th October 2016

Another month has flown by, it has gone by so quick I’m a few days late writing this entry. You can tell that Winter is on its way as the temperatures have dropped below 10 degrees! September was a lovely month and finished the Summer of nicely with some lovely days.

Let’s take a look back at September:

  • A big story that took the headline was the story about the toddler Ben Needham who disappeared 25 years ago. Police began excavation work on the Greek island of Kos in September after a witness stepped forward and said that the toddler could have possibly been killed by a digger near a farmhouse his grandparents were renovating in July 1991. The mother of Ben Needham was obviously upset and angered that it took this witness 25 years to come forward with this information. The police have now been granted permission to demolish part of the farmhouse, the property’s extension was built after the toddler went missing in 1991.
  • Although this next one will roll into October, we first heard about it at the end of September. #HurricaneMatthew, one of the most powerful Atlantic hurricanes in recent years is closing in on Haiti, bringing winds, rains and storm surges. We hope everyone is able to stay safe during #HurricaneMatthew and we will pick this up in our look back at October 2016.
  • The big tech story of September was the release of the new #iPhone7 and Apple confirmed a controversial move in removing the headphone jack all together from their latest phone. You now have to use the lightning charger point with an adapter to use your headphones or you can purchase Apples wireless headphones. Aswell as the headphone removal there were several other changes, the phone is now thinner, lighter and also has a much better camera aswell as new software which is now available. I guess we will have to see how the reviews turn out but I can’t imagine Apple will be struggling with sales.
  • Something that happens every September is the introduction of the new number plates. The #66Plate is now available if you buy a new car, this came into effect in September and will remain in effect until March 2017. Amazing how quick times goes!
  • The final thing to look back on was the #Paralympics2016 in Rio. The Queen has praised the performance of Britain’s Paralympics team at Rio 2016 as “magnificent” as the athletes returned to the UK on a special flight. GB won a total of 147 medals, 64 of them gold.

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