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Looking back at 2016


14th December 2016

We can’t believe we’re writing this story with 2016 coming to an end, just where has the time gone? Safe to say 2016 has been a rollercoaster of a year, throwing up surprises, good times and also some misery.

For our review of 2016 we thought we’d pick out a ‘stand out’ moment from each month:

  • January - Although #January kicked off 2016 it also came with the announcement from the World Health Organization regarding the outbreak of the #ZikaVirus. This caused many illnesses. The #ZikaVirus is caused by a virus transmitted primarily by mosquitoes.
  • February - in #February many #OneDirection fans were left heartbroken as the band began their hiatus, this was expected to last around 18 months although the band later in 2016 began to release their individual singles. Hopefully fans in 2017 will begin to hear news of #OneDirection getting back together.
  • March - a sad moment in #March was the attacks in #Brussels at the Airport and Metro Station. 2 bombs were set off in the check in area of #Brussels Airport and another bomb set off at the Metro Station, atleast 35 people were believed to have died on that day with many seriously injured which were taken to hospital. The Airport and all Metro Stations shut down for a few days bringing Brussels to a complete stand still.
  • April - In #April we had a football related story where we saw the #Hillsborough story come to a conclusion which had been going on for years now. Finally after years of inquests we finally had justice for the 96 with the Jury reaching a majority verdict that the 96 were unlawfully killed. The families of the 96 now have the answer they have been searching for years on years.
  • May - We couldn’t miss #May without looking back at the success that #LeicesterCity had with their remarkable and historic season. Winning the Premier League a remarkable achievement for a club like #LeicesterCity with some lucky punters cashing in on the 5000/1 odds that at the start of the season. Congratulations Leicester who are now also enjoying #ChampionsLeague football!
  • June - One of the biggest topics of June was the exit of Britain from Europe, #BREXIT. Although we haven’t officially left yet, the vote was cast towards the end of June and the outcome was in favour of leaving the EU. This has really split the opinions of a lot of people and I’m sure many of you reading this have read all about it on Twitter and other various places. The #EURefResults also saw our Prime Minister, David Cameron step down from his duties. As it has been well publicised, David Cameron wanted Britain to stay in Europe but things didn’t go his away. The morning of the #EURefResults Cameron announced he will be resigning as Prime Minister. Theresa May shortly took over and is in charge today.
  • July - Sadly during #July we find ourselves writing about a terror related attack, this time it was the attacks in #Nice at a firework show celebrating Bastille day. A truck smashed into a crowd in the French resort of #Nice, killing at least 84 people and injuring many others. The attacker then opened fire on the fleeing crowd until the police eventually shot the attacker dead on the scene. Some 200 people were injured with 49 in a critical condition and 18 in intensive care.
  • August - #Rio2016 was a big topic during August with the #Olympics coverage. #TeamGB returned home with their most successful medal haul in more than a decade. Overall #TeamGB returned home from #Rio2016 with 26 gold medals, 23 silver medals and 17 bronzes giving them a grand total of 67 medals, finishing second overall in the medal table with the USA finishing first. A great achievement for #TeamGB and we’re proud of their achievements. #TeamGB returned home from #Rio2016 on a Boeing 747, British Airways flight of which the nose of the plane was sprayed gold and the plane was renamed ‘victoRIOus’.
  • September - A big story that took the headline in #September was the story about the toddler Ben Needham who disappeared 25 years ago. Police began excavation work on the Greek island of Kos in September after a witness stepped forward and said that the toddler could have possibly been killed by a digger near a farmhouse his grandparents were renovating in July 1991. The mother of Ben Needham was obviously upset and angered that it took this witness 25 years to come forward with this information. The police have now been granted permission to demolish part of the farmhouse, the property’s extension was built after the toddler went missing in 1991.
  • October - An unfortunate act of god during #October was the #Earthquakes in #Italy. A powerful 6.6-magnitude earthquake rocked central #Italy, injuring at least 20 people, in the strongest tremor to hit the country in more than three decades. This earthquake follows tremors #Italy suffered the week before and come on the heels of a deva testing #Earthquake in August, which killed nearly 300 people and flattened entire villages.
  • November - In #November one story that captured the world in a heart breaking aviation incident at the end of #November was the plane crash in #Colombia which claimed the lives of 76 people. Among the casualties was a Brazilian football team, #Chapecoense. A very sad story which has also brought football teams and fans together all over the world in paying their respects to the #Brazilian football team who were writing their very own fairy tale after coming up from Serie C in 2012 to Seria A and the Copa Sudamericana final in 2016. The Hashtag Directory send their thoughts and condolences to the friends and family of the victims.
  • December – A big event that happens all over the world in #December is #Christmas where friends and family together and share gifts between each other. A perfect end to every year!

Hopefully 2017 will be a more positive year for everyone! If you want to chat to us or send us any images about this article then you can find us on Twitter @thehashtaghq.

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