Looking back at January 2017

Published on: 1st February 2017
By The Hashtag Directory

It’s somehow February already and January is already done and dusted. For us January has flown past!

A lot has already happened at the start of 2017 and we’re going to take a look back:

  • The big news of January was the official takeover in the White House, #DonaldTrump is now officially President of the United Status after taking over from #Obama. A lot of controversy has already been said/announced from the new President. What does everyone think of his appointment so far?
  • For those of you that like to tune in and watch #BigBrother you would have noticed the return of #CelebrityBigBrother as we entered the new year. We saw old celebrity housemates return to the house as well as some new celebrity housemates. #BigBrother final is due to air at the start of February so we will soon find out this year’s winner.
  • Another thing we saw in January was the #WomensMarch, millions of people worldwide joined the #WomensMarch in response to the inauguration of #DonaldTrump. 408 marches were reported in the U.S. and 168 in other countries; becoming the largest single-day protest in American history and the largest worldwide protest in recent history. We’re you apart of #WomensMarch in January?
  • The weather has been a big talking point in January with many parts of the UK receiving #Snow, #Rain and lots of #Fog. Whilst the #Rain and #Snow only stuck around for a day or two the #Fog is refusing to go and continues to cover the UK.
  • Towards the end of January we saw the sad news of the #QuebecCityMosqueShooting where six people were killed and another eight were wounded. Shots were fired at the Quebec Islamic Cultural Centre on Sunday night, where more than 50 people had gathered for evening prayers. One suspect was arrested at the scene and another was arrested nearby. Police do not believe there are other suspects at large.

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