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Looking back at April 2017


2nd May 2017

April has been and gone, what felt like a really quick month! Of course during April we were treated to a Bank Holiday which was a nice recharge for some people.

Let’s take a look back at April:

  • Something I touched on in the introduction to this story was the #BankHoliday which of course was for #Easter. We were treated to two days off making it a long weekend for most. Kids were spoilt with chocolate for #Easter whilst adults were thankful for some relaxation time over the #BankHoliday. May also brings us another 2 #BankHolidays (one at the start and one at the end).
  • Theresa May announced a surprised a #SnapElection explaining her decision she said “The country is coming together but Westminster is not”. The snap general election is due to take place on the 8th June 2017. Smart decision by Theresa May? Guess we will soon find out.
  • The #LondonMarathon took place during April and there is one story that captured headlines during it. A #LondonMarathon runner was helped across the line by a fellow competitor, the runner seemed to have collapsed with ‘Jelly Legs’ and a fellow competitor helped the runner finish the last part of the race. He later admitted that he wouldn’t have finished the race if it wasn’t for Matthew. Congratulations to all the runners and all the money that was raised for such great causes!
  • At the start of April we saw #DonaldTrump launch 59 Tomahawk missiles on #Syria. The area targeted was a #Syria Government airfield. #DonaldTrump launched this attack in response to the chemical weapons attack. The attack has stirred up a lot of talk and unrest with other leaders of countries. #DonaldTrump is certainly controversial but was this such a wise move? Some say yes others will say no.
  • We are closing in on the end of the footballing season. #Newcastle and #Brighton have secured their place in the #PremierLeague for the 2017/18 season. The fight for survival in the #PremierLeague still continues which looks as though we could be heading into the final few weeks before we see who does take the drop. The #ChampionsLeague continues with #RealMadrid taking on #AthleticoMadrid in the semi-finals, meaning a Spanish team will be in the final. In the other game we see #Monaco taking on #Juventus which looks to be a very interesting tie. In the #EuropaLeague we have #ManchesterUnited taking on #CeltaVigo in the semi-final. In the other game we have #Lyon taking on #Ajax. We also have a Final set up for the #FACup between #Chelsea and #Arsenal. May looks to be a very interesting month for football.

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