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Looking back at June 2017


3rd July 2017

June was another crazy month, full of ups and downs along the way and we were even treated to some sun.

Let’s take a look back at June:

  • Let’s start with the results of the #SnapGeneralElection, it didn’t totally go to plan for #TheresaMay as no party won a majority in parliament. Following the result, the Conservatives entered into talks with the DUP, whose 10 seats gave the possibility of the formation of a minority Conservative government with DUP support. A confidence and supply deal between the two parties was reached towards the end of June.
  • Some tragic news hit us in June, this was the fire in West London at #GrenfellTower which resulted in nearly 80 fatalities. This was Britain’s deadliest fire since the Second World War. The fire started from a faulty fridge-freezer that spread from the fourth floor. The fire is believed to have been aided by the building’s recently installed exterior cladding. Tower blocks across the UK are now being tested and removed. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by this dreadful tragedy at #GrenfellTower.
  • Britain experienced one of its hottest days in June this year after temperatures reached 34.5C (recorded at Heathrow). This gave us a little glimpse into #Summer but since then the temperatures have cooled down
  • Sadly we’re writing again about another terror attach in the UK, the attack took place at #FinsburyPark where a van was driven into pedestrians injuring atleast 10 people. The attacker has since been arrested and charged with terrorism related murder and attempted murder.
  • We thought we’d finish with celebrating the achievements by the #EnglandU20 squad who won the under 20 #WorldCup something that hasn’t been achieved since 1966! A good sign for the future?

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