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Join in with #ThankYouThursday


3rd August 2017

#ThankYouThursday runs every Thursday all day. The concept behind the account is very simple, someone you'd like to thank? Then shout them out using #ThankYouThursday running all day, every Thursday! A great way to spread positivity throughout Twitter.

Every #ThankYouThursday is a great chance to meet some very interesting people. The thing to remember with networking hours is not to bombarde people with business but chat to people and now and then tweet about your business. The idea is to get people to rememeber you, so if they remember you for being the person they could chat to easily and know your business then you are in their mind should they need your services/products.

Give the chaps at #ThankYouThursday a follow and join in with the fun every Thursday!

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