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Looking back at November 2017


1st December 2017

November has been and gone and we can officially begin the countdown to Christmas! Let’s take a look back at November:

  • As normal #BlackFriday took place on the last Friday of November. Something that originally started off in America that then made its way over to the UK. There were some good deals to be had but some shoppers weren’t so impressed. With discounts not being that much discounted it left some unimpressed. Queues were also lacking across the UK, we’ve seen 100s of people rushing stores in the past and the few pictures we have seen only see 1 or 2 people queuing outside now. Is this because internet shopping has taken over or people not impressed?
  • In November an Argentine #Submarine went missing. A few days later reports came out that a loud explosion was recorded near where the Argertine #Submarine went missing. The search is still ongoing. The first few days of the search were slowed down because of the bad weather conditions out at sea. We hope that the missing #Submarine is found and we find out what actually happened. We also hope the crew on board are found safe.
  • At the end of November #OscarPistorius found his prison sentence doubled for the murder of Reeve Steenkamp. When he was first sentenced many thought he was let off lightly considering he was found guilty of murder. His sentence was increased to 15 years but because he has already served 2 he will now serve 13. Do you think this is fair?
  • Some good news that came out of the #Budget2017 was the announcement that #StampDuty would be abolished for first time buyers buying a home of up to £300,000. For properties costing up to £500,000, no stamp duty will be paid on the first £300,000. The change will apply in England and Northern Ireland, and in Wales up until the end of March, but not in Scotland. Is this good news for you or do you think house prices will rise?
  • In November we saw a record auction sale in New York for a single painting. The painting went for $400 million (or £304 million sterling), an eye watering amount for most of us reading this. The painting was a photo of #SalvatorMundi by #LeonardoDaVinci. What do you think of this sale?

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