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Looking back at March 2018


3rd April 2018

March is officially over and we can still remember writing our last post for February. Where did the month go? Let’s take a look back:

  • Again the #Weather was a talking point in March. The #MiniBeastFromTheEast struck us delivering more snow and travel chaos. Down South we were affected quite badly and so were large parts of the UK. We’re hoping this is the last of the snow for now and the #Weather treats us with some sun and rising temperatures!
  • An interesting #Cricket story that was reported in March and caused lots of discussion on Twitter was the Australian #BallTampering scandal. It appears that the Australian #Cricket team purposely tampered with the ball before play. This has caused lots of debate in whether or not this actually effected the play. It looks as though a scratch was placed on some of the balls which apparently can cause the ball to move differently in the air. We’re not big cricket experts so we’d love to know what you think of the #BallTampering saga that’s going on? Is it cheating?
  • At the end of March, lapsing over into April we have #Easter. Staying in March we have the first #BankHoliday of the year with #GoodFriday. Hopefully this gives everyone a chance to recharge after seeing out the first quarter of the year and also a chance to spend time with the family. Whatever you’re doing this #BankHoliday, enjoy!
  • Something that sprung up in the news at the end of March was the #DepositReturnScheme where the Government have announced plans for a plastic bottle scheme to improve recycling. From what we’ve read the idea is that plastic bottles brought from shops will cost 22p more than normal and once you’ve drank your drink you take the plastic bottle back to the shop and reclaim your 22p. What do you think of the #DepositReturnScheme? Whilst we admire the idea we’re not quite sure it’s going to work how the Government expect. We do however agree that something needs to be done to stop the amount of waste and pollution that litters our land and seas with plastic bottles (and any other types of human waste).
  • Our final section to look at in March brings us to the technology world. #Apple unveiled a new iPad that works with their #Apple pen and is supposedly ‘more affordable’ than previous versions. #Apple also announced that schools can purchase the new iPad for a discounted price. The new iPad is priced at £319 in the UK for the 32GB model. Many users on Twitter noticed that #Applewere going after the education market with the new affordable iPad, but they couldn’t help notice that the #Apple pencil still costs £99 and also a keyboard that can be attached (sold separately by Apple) so is it still that affordable?

If you want to chat to us about this article then you can find us on Twitter @thehashtaghq.

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