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Looking back at May 2018


1st June 2018

Another month comes to an end and we’re now approaching the half way point of the year! Time seems to flying by at the moment so let’s take a look back at May:

  • A big highlight of May was the #RoyalWedding which saw Meghan Markle and Prince Harry tie the knot. The wedding took place at Windsor Castle on May 19th. The wedding was broadcasted all around the UK and the world. It certainly will be a day remembered in British history. Congratulations to Harry and Meghan!
  • The #ChampionsLeague final was played in May which usually symbolises the end of the football season if it wasn’t for the World Cup. The final saw Liverpool taking on Real Madrid, the game ended 3-1 to Real Madrid thanks to a wonder goal from Gareth Bale and a couple goalkeeping errors from Karius for Liverpool. The game was also overshadowed by an injury to Mo Salah which put doubt on him appearing in the World Cup this summer. Real Madrid have now won the #ChampionsLeague 3 times in a row! When will we see another team like that?
  • It wouldn’t be a typical news entry without mentioning the #Weather. In May we saw glimpses of Summer which scorching temperatures (for the UK) over both Bank Holidays and for long periods of May also. There was the odd thunder storm off the back of the warm #weather but the warm #weather was certainly welcomed by the majority of the UK.
  • The four year hunt for missing flight #MH370 has come to end after a private search was completed in May. In may the search came to an end with Malaysia saying it has no plans to restart it. The plane disappeared in March 2014 and the plane was never found, several items of debris washed ashore on Reuniuon (an island east of Madagascar). Will we ever know what happened to Flight #MH370?
  • In May #BritainsGotTalent auditions came to an end and now the serious end of the competition takes place. The live semi-finals began during half term at the end of May which will run into the start of June. The first live show to which Dec hosted himself didn’t get off to the smoothest of starts as the weather caused some technical issues which temporary took the show offline. Who do you want to win #BritainsGotTalent? Simon also hinted that there is a big surprise for the winner to which nobody knows about, we’re intrigued to see what that surprise is.

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