Looking back at June 2018

Published on: 2nd July 2018
By The Hashtag Directory

After officially passing the half way point of the year we take a look back at what happened in June:

  • A big event in June if you’re a sporting fan is the #WorldCup which happens every 4 years. The #WorldCup in recent tournaments has never been good for an England fan. This year though fans are more optimistic, after sealing qualification into the round of 16, it’s seen as progress compared to previous years. Because we wrote this at the end of June we’re firm believers that it’s our year and the #WorldCup is coming home! We’ve seen some shock exits in the #WorldCup groups with Germany being the biggest shock after finishing bottom of their group. What do you think of the #WorldCup so far? We’re involved in #CakeClubHour Twitter Sweepstake so apart from England we’re routing for Mexico!
  • I don’t think it’s really an entry into this monthly blog without mentioning the #Weather! At the end of June the UK had been experiencing a lot of warm weather with a #Heatwave also being issued. The warm weather is set to carry on way into July also. I guess we can finally keep the shorts and flip flops out now and enjoy the Summer whilst we can!
  • Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll know that #LoveIsland kicked off in June. The show sees a bunch of singletons looking for love enter a luxury villa for 8 weeks to try and find a match for themselves. The show is full of romance (sometimes), petty arguments and usually some good entertainment. Jack and Dani seem to be the leading contenders for winning the show after becoming the first official couple in the villa. With 4 to 5 weeks still to go we still could yet see some more relationships formed.
  • In June it was announced the #OfficialCharts was changing. The UK top 40 singles chart will now include video streaming figures when compiling the #OfficialChart. Tallies will be taken from Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube and Tidal. This is a big step change in the way the chart has worked before with more and more users downloading and streaming videos to listen to their favourite artists. Only time will tell how much this change will effect the ‘figures’ but it looks to be a good change.
  • As it was well publicised #DonaldTrump met with #KimJongUn in an historic meeting Singapore. The meeting was very touch and go with both sides having their own demands if the meeting was to go ahead. In June though the pair finally met. This was seen as historic as just last year the two leaders were openly threatening each with acts of war. The meeting seems to have been a success and it’s probably safe to say the tension has been lowered between the two leaders. Only time will tell now if the meeting had an effect on the two countries and the world.

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