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Looking back at August 2018


3rd September 2018

Another month has come to an end, this time August! We’ve taken a look back at the highlights:

  • The #PremierLeague returned in August, something every football fan looks forward to. After the World Cup and crazy end to the Transfer Window it was a welcome return. It also gave everyone a chance to see how new comers Wolves, Cardiff and Fulham would fair with life in the #PremierLeague. Who do you think will win the #PremierLeague this season?
  • In August students across the UK found out their #ALevelResults. An anxious time for all students, some will be met with happiness and others may feel disappointed. Just remember though that your #ALevelResults won’t determine your life ahead and there are always other options should you not got your desired results.
  • In the middle of August a #Bridge collapsed in Italy, Genoa. Atleast 39 people are known to have died in the tragic accident with many others injured or missing. An investigation has begun into how and why the #Bridge collapsed. Thoughts are with everyone who has been affected by this tragedy.
  • Unfortunately in August we also heard of a second tragedy. Indonesia was hit by an #Earthquake causing damage and collapsing of buildings and structures. Many people are known to have died whilst many have been injured and still missing. Aid started to arrive in August to help search for missing people and to put up temporary shelters for those affected. Our thoughts go out to all those affected.
  • It wouldn’t be an entry this month without mentioning the #weather. The #weather this month has been more of what we’re used to with sunny spells mixed with rain. The rain was welcomed by many which allowed water to get to peoples garden and farms. Is this the end of our Summer?

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