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Looking back at March 2019


1st April 2019

Welcome to this month’s entry! March has flown by for us and a lot has seemed to have happened. Let’s take a look back:

  • We promised in our last few entries that we wouldn’t talk about #Brexit but we’re going to break that promise in this entry. As you know, unless you’re living under a rock #Brexit has been the talk of the country and it ramped up in March. This is because the UK was meant to officially leave the EU in March and we haven’t. This is because MP’s and Theresa May couldn’t agree on a deal with us leaving the EU and the PM in an announcement said that the UK will not leave the EU without a deal in place. This has meant an extension to #Brexit. We’re now looking at a possible leave date of May. Although as we’ve seen over the last few months there has been plenty of twist and turns so I’m sure we can expect a few more. Who knows when we will actually leave and if we actually will.
  • #Apple love being in the news and they were once again in March. #Apple announced that they are releasing a streaming service called Apple TV+. It is thought to be a rival to other streaming services like Amazon Prime and Netflix. #Apple announced that it will be initially available in 100 countries. At the time of writing no prices for their new service has been revealed just yet. #Apple also announced Apple Arcade which comes to the App Store this Autumn. More details about both of these services will be announced in due course.
  • On the very last day of March #DaylightSavingTime started, meaning that all clocks went forward an hour. So if you woke up Sunday morning wondering why you’ve woken up an hour later than normal (according to the clocks) then this is because of #DaylightSavingTime starting. This does mean that Summer isn’t far away and we will have lighter evenings for longer.
  • In March much of the nation took park in #RedNoseDay. You probably saw plenty of kids heading into school with a Red Nose and plenty of workers heading into work dressed up or rocking a Red Nose also. This is all for a great cause which sees everyone raise money for #RedNoseDay. There are plenty of fundraising ideas that get chucked around and it’s great to see. For #RedNoseDay this year we raised over £63 Million and donations are still coming in.
  • Towards the end of March we saw the EU pass a law about internet copyright also known as #Article13. The idea of #Article13 is to bring in stricter copyright rules. The aim of this is to ensure rules that apply in the ‘real’ world also apply online/internet. The passing of this law has been met with plenty of backlash. What do you think of this?

If you want to chat to us about this article then you can find us on Twitter @thehashtaghq.

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