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Looking back at August 2019


2nd September 2019

July for us seems to have gone by like a flash. A lot seemed to happen during the month of August though when we had a look back:

  • It was the #SummerBankHoliday at the end of August and for those lucky enough to be able to enjoy it would have known it was one of the hottest #SummerBankHolidays for many years. 3 days of pure sunshine and heat across most parts of the UK which is what a lot of people have been crying out for. Whatever you go up to during the #SummerBankHoliday we hope you had a good one.
  • During August we heard of some tragic news relating to the #AmazonRainforest. The rainforest caught fire due to what we believe was down to the ‘dry season’ and intense temperatures. Unfortunately, it took a week or two for the media to really pick up on the story after we learnt the fires started around about the 8th August 2019. There’s been a lot mentioned now about how to resolve, the damage it has caused and what it can still potentially caused. We hope the fires soon stop.
  • For football fans across the UK and the world the end of August was a sad moment for #Bury Football Club who was sadly expelled from the English Football League. This was because of the finances and the potential takeover of the club falling through so they couldn’t meet the deadline. For supporters of #Bury it’s very sad, a club they once loved is now no longer part of the EFL. The future doesn’t look good for them but at the same time who knows what may happen. #Bolton are also heading towards a similar future as they are in a very similar position. Although at the time of writing this entry they are still just about in the EFL.
  • The #PremierLeague came back in August, a league that fans across England are most excited about. Liverpool had a fine start to their league, now being the only club to have had a 100% start from their first 3 games. This season looks to be a very interesting one with a lot of clubs doing some good business over the Summer and the newly promoted sides also starting fairly well.
  • In the world of TV, #Power returned to Netflix and #ThePeakyBlinders returned to the BBC at the end of August. Both of these shows always make for plenty of conversation in the office and online. We’re really excited for both shows and can’t wait to watch more.

If you want to chat to us about this article then you can find us on Twitter @thehashtaghq.

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