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Looking back at September 2019


1st October 2019

September has now passed and I guess some of us now might already be thinking about Christmas… in the meantime lets take a look back at September:

  • You may have heard earlier in September that Boris Johnson was going to suspend #Parliment and did. However, the Supreme Court ruled that Boris Johnson’s suspension of #Parliament was unlawful. This was an historic moment for the UK and some thought this would lead to an end for Boris Johnson, however he is still in charge and the man leading us out of Europe. Hopefully with this behind us we can move on with Brexit.
  • The #ChampionsLeague returned in September. This is competition for the elite and in 2020 we will find out the winner. Only one round fixtures was played during September but we’ve already seen some great games and we cant wait for the rest of the tournament.
  • If you haven’t noticed we gave #TheHashtagDirectory a face lift in September. Hopefully making the site easier to use and navigate. We’ve also added in some extra features on our hashtag pages that allow users to copy some tweets we’ve already curated to get started. We hope you like what we’ve done with the site and feedback is always welcome!
  • #BritainsGotTalentTheChampions hit our screens in September. The Champions is a new format of the show where the best of the best from around the world come to perform. These are made up of contestants from all different series, winners, runners up, golden buzzers and what the show considers the best talent they’ve seen from around the world. The final of #BritainsGotTalentTheChampions takes place in October and we can’t wait to see who wins the show.
  • We seem to talk about the #Weather nearly every entry now but September was a real strange one when it came to the #Weather. The first half of September was a second burst of Summer for most parts of the UK. However in the second half especially towards the end of September the UK was hit by strong winds and heavy rain which lead to many floods. Hopefully we see a relatively nice October in terms of the #Weather.

If you want to chat to us about this article then you can find us on Twitter @thehashtaghq.

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