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Looking back at October 2019


1st November 2019

October has passed and we’re now officially heading into Winter. I guess it’s now okay to start talking about Christmas? Before that though let’s take a look back at October:

  • At the end of October the UK was suppose to leave the EU, something that Boris Johnson was adamant that would happen. It’s now the 1st November 2019 and we’re still in the EU. This is because the EU has agreed a new #Brexit deadline which is now the 31st January 2020. This was to give parliament enough time to read over Boris Johnson’s #Brexit deal and to debate and also to make changes. However, in all this it looks as though Boris Johnson has got his wish in holding an early general election. The next general election is not due until 2022 but Boris Johnson wants to hold an early one to try to restore the Conservative Party's majority. This is so he will have more success in passing his #Brexit deal. Dates are being rumoured to be around the 12th December 2019 time. Time will tell what will happen here.
  • #DaylightSavings came to an end at the end of October, meaning the clocks went back an hour. Although people gained an extra hour in bed, it does now mean that the evenings will be darker much earlier. For those of you that finish work around 5pm, it will soon be dark when you finish.
  • During October #Halloween took place on the 31st October. Each year #Halloween seems to get bigger and bigger across the UK. Maybe it’s because of all the sweets and chocolate on offer? Costumes are getting more creative; decorations are becoming more popular and the kids love it. This #Halloween was a particularly wet one though although that didn’t stop people wishing to celebrate. We hope everyone had a great #Halloween.
  • #XFactor was back on our screens in October. However, this time there was a bit of twist as it was a special series that involved Celebrities. Usually the #XFactor is filled with auditions from the public and nearly anyone can audition. We’re not quite sure what to make of it although it is nice to see something different. What do you make of it so far?
  • The #RugbyWorldCup kicked off at the end of September but really gathered some momentum in October, particularly if you’re an England fan. England have been in some fine form which now sees them in #RugbyWorldCup final. The final takes place on the 2nd November 2019 so hopefully in our next entry we’re writing about their triumph!

If you want to chat to us about this article then you can find us on Twitter @thehashtaghq.

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