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Looking Back at January 2020


3rd February 2020

Welcome to 2020, this is our first look back of the first month of 2020! Lots has already happened so let take a look:

  • On the 31st January 2020, Britain will finally leave the EU. #Brexit is finally taking place. Although there is still a lot of uncertainty to what #Brexit will bring and the impact it will have, it will finally happen. After years of negotiations, changes in parliament, delays and everything else that happened, #Brexit finally happened. Hopefully it will all work out for the better but time will tell.
  • Without pointing out the obvious, we’re celebrating a #NewYear with 2020. A little fun fact/warning I guess that we saw on Twitter for 2020 is that it’s wise to be careful when dating official documents (and any document I guess) in the format 01/02/20. This is because it’s one of the only years where if someone wanted to could change the date to be 01/02/2002 or any near in the 20th and 21st century. So always write your dates at 01/02/2020 for safety!
  • Some slightly alarming news (probably made worst by the media) is the outbreak of the #CoronaVirus in China. At the time of writing the death toll has risen to the 100s and has reached all regions of China. With people coming in and out of China all the time the #CoronaVirus has inevitably spread to other parts of the world. Again, at the time of writing countries such as the US and UK are now putting people in quarantine depending where people have travelled from for up to 2 weeks. A horrible but necessary pre caution to take. Let’s hope scientists can find a vaccine to fight this virus before it takes any more lives and that we can somehow contain what has already spread.
  • In January we sadly learnt of the tragic deaths of #KobeBryant a former legend of the NBA and also the world. A helicopter he was on board of unfortunately crashed just outside of L.A killing all on board. One of his daughters was also sadly on board. #KobeBryant death has touched everyone due to his kind nature, basketball status and things he was doing for the world. We send our wishes to all families and friends that are effected by the tragic passing of all that were on board the helicopter that crashed.
  • In the world of football we have the #JanuaryTransferWindow. We are writing this a day before the window shuts so we’re unsure what has obviously happened on #DeadlineDay but we’ve already seen some great additions to clubs across Europe and the world. January is always a difficult time to buy but does give clubs an opportunity to strengthen their squads and cover for injuries. Let’s see who worked out and who didn’t in a few months!

If you want to chat to us about this article then you can find us on Twitter @thehashtaghq.

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