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2016 on Twitter so Far...


3rd February 2016

2016 already seems to be flying by with January already out the way. We have been keeping a close eye on Twitter during January and it’s hard to believe how much has gone on in just a month!

We have collated our top 5 trends so far in 2016 so you can recap on things:

  • Football has been a hot topic on Twitter during January due to the #TransferWindow and the much anticipated #DeadlineDay with Jim White. Twitter has been up and down with trends in the #TransferWindow with players moving from clubs with the headlines being taken by Manchester City who announced the appointment of Pep Guardiola. Now to wait until the season is over for the Summer Transfer Window to open.
  • Second on our list is 3 trends compiled into one with the sad passing of #DavidBowie #AlanRickman & #SirTerryWogan all of which need no introduction. Twitter over January has been bombarded with people and businesses paying their respects to these 3 men, with tributes still coming in.
  • Third to make our list was Tim Peake and his #SpaceWalk back in mid-January where he became the first British Astronaut to do the #SpaceWalk. Tim set off back in December 2015 on a 6 month trip into Space so I expect over the coming months we will see some more trends from the International Space Station. If you haven’t already check out his Twitter for some awesome shots of earth and his daily life in space!
  • Our fourth Trend to make the list is a weekly occurrence on a Monday with #MondayMotivation which trends across the UK every Monday. A lot of people wake up on a Monday off the back of the weekend and struggle to get motivated so this trend is a great little motivator for those in need of some motivation.
  • Our final and fifth trend for January 2016 is a TV series that has got tweets flooding Twitter, as I am sure a lot of you have already watched the popular Netflix series #MakingAMurderer which made its way over to the UK during January. This series really divided people opinion which is what made it so popular and got Twitter talking. I’m sure has 2016 progresses there will be many more TV series that will get people talking especially with the likes of the return of Top Gear and Jeremy and the boys rival show.

Twitter is a powerful tool for everyone as it’s usually the first place you will read about things whether it turns out to be a rumour, an announcement or a real life story. Follow The Hashtag Directory to keep up to date with all the latest Hashtags and Networking Hours.

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