Thinking of Starting your own Hashtag or Networking Hour?

Published on: 12th February 2016
By The Hashtag Directory Team

So you’re thinking of starting your own Hashtag? Great, but what’s the best way to go about things.

Starting your own hashtag is all about getting the message out there in the first place. When thinking about a new hashtag hour you will want to consider a few things:

  • Is there one already out there?
  • Who realistically will want to get involved, who’s the audience?
  • If it’s an hour, are you going to clash with any popular themes already out there?
  • Are you clued up with Twitter?

There are many other things you may want to pick up on further down the line but you will pick them up as time goes on. Starting a Twitter hour is very daunting as lots of questions will run through your head, will people want to join in? etc. One thing you need to understand (unless you’ve got some serious following) is that you need to accept that it may be quiet for your first few sessions. This over time will build up and your popularity will increase.

Having an easy to remember hashtag is essential but you also don’t want something so simple that it’s going to get lost on Twitter and confused with anything else. Getting involved in other networking hours is also great promotion as these people will probably be up for getting involved in other networking hours and hashtags.

A lot of new starters set up their Twitter account and have a launch date for something like a months’ time so they give themselves a month to build up an audience. This can be very handy if you’re in no rush, but if you’ve got competition then you may want to get things started.

The final thing to consider is registering your hashtag with The Hashtag Directory as registration is free. It is also a great platform for starting things off and for new people to find your hour.

If you have a Hashtag or a Networking Hour that is not registered with us, then please get in touch with us on Twitter or send us an email and we can get you added to our site.

The Hashtag Directory Team: 12th Feb 2016 10:00:00


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