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Setting up Facebook

Setting up Facebook as a business requires a personal account for the business page to be attached to. It’s important to get your Facebook page set up right before sharing it and inviting people to ‘Like’ your page.

The first thing you will need to do when setting up your business page is input your business details, this is your industry, business name, street address and a contact number. Once you have completed this you can move on to setting up your page. Just like Twitter, Facebook allows you to upload a display picture and a header.

What Is The Image Sizes For Facebook?

Profile Photo / Display Photo: 180 x 180px

Your Facebook display image is going to be the photo that represents you or your brand on Facebook. You will want to use something like your logo.

Header / Cover Photo: 820 x 312px

The cover photo is the image that will span across the top of your Facebook page. Just like Twitter you want this image to be something engaging or something that gives people a sense of idea what your business is about. The cover photo only appears on your Facebook timeline.   


Updating Your Facebook About Page

On your page you should see a button that says ‘About’. It should have picked up information like your address and email or phone number. You can edit and add additional details by pressing ‘Edit Page Info’. You will be able to add:

  • General Information
  • Business Information
  • Additional Contact Details
  • More Information

Facebook business pages are very good in terms of supporting a business. A very useful feature Facebook offers is an action button which can be anything like a call button, book button or even download button. This is very useful as people can press this and jump straight to whatever you’ve set up. A call button is one of the best features as users on phones can press it and it will automatically set the call up. Another useful offering Facebook has is the ability to set events, create offers and many other offerings. An advantage of Facebook is that there is no character restriction so your posts can be as informative as you like.

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