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About The Hashtag Directory

The Hashtag Directory has been sent up to aid users on Twitter quickly find the hashtags that they are looking for and also discover new hashtags whether it is for business or pleasure. We have collated a bunch of hashtags to kick start this project and we will be adding many more in the near future. We have also set up the site so you can suggest new hashtags, themes and accounts to us and not only that but you can sign-up and add your own hashtags to the website.

Off the back of the success that we have seen with #CakeClubHour and #ThankYouThursday we thought a directory to capture these hashtags for the public to discover would be a great business tool and also a great social tool. The aim is not only to aid businesses but to give everyone a one stop place to find all the latest trends and hashtags going on around them.

With the skilled team behind The Hashtag Directory we aim to grow the site and our own database to benefit you, the users. Be sure to send in sign-up, send in requests and follow us on Twitter @thehashtaghq!

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