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Setting up Twitter

Setting up Twitter as a business is a very important task and one you want to get right. On initial set up you will have to choose a username that is not already taken, Twitter will let you know if it is taken or not. 9 times out of 10 you will want your Twitter name to be your company name or a version of it.

An important feature of a strong business page is a logo and a suitable header image, these are usually some of the first things people will see when visiting your profile. Twitter works on a kind of squared image as the display picture. This would mean that some logos may need some tweaking in order to fit.

What Is The Image Sizes For Twitter?

Profile Photo / Display Photo: 400 x 400px

Your Twitter display image is the main image that represents your business and your brand online.

Header Photo: 1500 x 500px

The header photo is the image that goes across the top of your Twitter page, it’s much larger than your display picture so you will want to use the best quality possible on it. It’s important that this image is something interesting and is relevant to your business, this could be a product, premises, location or scenery from your area.


Updating My Bio On Twitter

In the about section you will be able to add a short description about your business. This needs to be kept quite short and sweet and at the same time try and interest people. It’s often a good idea to add in 2 or 3 hashtags into this section.

In the location field you can add where your business operates from, this will autofill for you as you type. If you operate nationwide then you can put in a Country. Users do like to know where you are located to know if you’re near them or not and it usually is a great conversation starter.

The next section allows you to add in your website, this is very simple and if you have a website you simply just want to copy and paste the URL of your homepage.

Moving on you will be able to select a theme colour, we would recommend using a colour that reflects your business so maybe a colour from your logo.

There is also a section to add in your birthday, this is basically so people can see how old the business is for example and also share your celebrations on the businesses birthday. You can also control who sees this information.

All of above in this section is optional and isn’t a requirement but it is recommended that you add these details in to complete your profile.

Who To Follow on Twitter?

There are millions of users on Twitter and finding who to follow and engage with can be hard to start off with. The simplest way to think about things is ask yourself who do you want to be in front of? Is there certain genders, ages, lifestyles that you are targeting as a business? You may also want to consider following and engaging with people in your area.

Using Hashtag Hours

Hashtag/Networking Hours can be a very important tool to businesses looking to promote and engage with other users on Twitter. These hours are sometimes tailored to specific locations, types of business or can be open to anyone and everyone. See our list of Hashtag Hours to find your perfect hashtag to follow.

Follow The Hashtag HQ

We hope you found this short guide useful and it gives you a platform to start from on the world of Twitter. Follow us @thehashtaghq to keep up to date or send us a tweet when you’ve set yourself up.

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