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A Look Back at May 2016


1st June 2016

May came and gone in a flash. The weather was up and down with a touch of summery conditions mixed with lots of rain. A lot happened in may including some ups and also some downs.

Let’s take a look back:

  • The main news that overshadowed May was the sad disappearance of Egypt Airline flight #MS804 which disappeared from radar after entering Egyptian air space. Reports suggest that parts of the plane have been found but nothing like the black box has yet been found. Lots of rumours and reports are pointing at a terrorist attack but nothing has been found to support that claim. We hope that the wreckage is found soon and the case can be closed to give the family and friends peace of mind
  • Another popular Twitter discussion that comes up every May is football, with the end of the #PremierLeague season, #FACup, #ChampionsLeagueFinal and the #PlayOffs. The #PremierLeague ended in a strange fashion with the ‘bomb’ scare at Old Trafford which later turned out to be a training device that had accidently been left there. The #FACup was a dull game until around the 70th minute to when the game came to life. It finished 1-1 with Manchester United getting the winner in extra time and the game finishing 2-1. We also had the #ChampionsLeagueFinal and the #PlayOffs in the majority of the English leagues.
  • Looking back at May we also saw the celebration of the #Queens90thBirthday which was a great event for the Queen and also the public. The televised side of things was hosted by Ant & Dec who we’re great as usual.
  • In May once again we experienced a rollercoaster ride with the weather. We saw glimpses of #Summer with some hot weather. Alongside that though the hot weather and humidity also brought us more storms with lots of rain and flashes of thunder and lightning.
  • Going back to football we must talk about the success that #LeicesterCity had with a remarkable and historic season. Winning the Premier League a remarkable achievement for a club like #LeicesterCity with some lucky punters cashing in on the 5000/1 odds that at the start of the season. Congratulations Leicester and enjoy #ChampionsLeague football next season!

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