Looking back at August 2016

Published on: 1st September 2016
By Hashtag Directory

August continued with the traditional British Summer; warm and sunny days followed by a few days of rain. Luckily in this post there aren’t many negative things to write about compared to July’s post.

Let’s take a look back at August and what happened:

  • #Rio2016 was a big topic during August with the #Olympics coverage. #TeamGB returned home with their most successful medal haul in more than a decade. Overall #TeamGB returned home from #Rio2016 with 26 gold medals, 23 silver medals and 17 bronzes giving them a grand total of 67 medals, finishing second overall in the medal table with the USA finishing first. A great achievement for #TeamGB and we’re proud of their achievements. #TeamGB returned home from #Rio2016 on a Boeing 747, British Airways flight of which the nose of the plane was sprayed gold and the plane was renamed ‘victoRIOus’.
  • In August we also saw the return of completive football and the #PremierLeague. It’s been a great to start to the campaign for many teams. Pep and Jose have both got off to a great start with their new clubs aswell as Conte. A notable new face to the #PremierLeague has to be Pogba costing Manchester United £89 million, making him the world’s most expensive player. This season sure looks to be an exciting one and no one can call how it’s going to go. Of course the #TransferWindow closes at the end of August and we will recap that in our September post.
  • As usual in August the UK has it’s #SummerBankHoliday. If you live on the coast then you can usually find lots of events and festivals happening down the beach on down by the harbour. Where ever you are across the UK there is always something to do during the #BankHoliday. For parents the #BankHoliday signifies that Summer is coming to a close and the kids will be back at school in a matter of weeks.
  • Towards the end of August the Justice Secretary Liz Truss announced that #ExtremistPrisoners who ‘seek to poison the minds of others’ will be put in special units in English and Welsh jails. This comes as the government aim to crack on extremists and to reduce the risks of extremists converting inmates on the inside. What do you think of the decision, are you happy with this announcement or do you think there’s more that can be done?
  • An interesting article that was ran towards the end of August by several outlets was that women in the UK are still far adrift on salary and promotion as #GenderPayGap remains a gulf. IFS research shows average difference in pay is 18% and widens markedly after women have children. A very interesting topic and we’d love to hear from any females if they have had to experience this or have noticed in any past or present jobs.

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