Join in with #SUAHour

Published on: 3rd October 2016
By James Stewart

Come and join in with one of our favourite hours on a Thursday, #SUAHour!

#SUAHour runs every Thursday at 11am through to 12pm, hosted by the lovely Louise Fox. A networking hour to connect people, promote business, shout-out events & promotions in the Stratford Upon Avon area, although anyone is welcome to join in.

Every #SUAHour is a barrel of fun and it also gives you an opportunity to meet some very interesting people. The thing to remember with networking hours is not to bombard people with business and sales but to chat to people and engage with them. The idea is to get people to remember you, so if they remember you for being the person they could chat to easily then chances are they will remember your business and you will always be in the back of their minds should they need your products or services.

Give Lou a follow @SUAHour and join in every Thursday at 11am using the hashtag - #SUAHour. See you there!

James Stewart: 3rd Oct 2016 16:30:00


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