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Looking back at November 2018


3rd December 2018

The time has finally come and we’re now in December and we can officially start to think about Christmas! But first we’ve taken a look back at some of the highlights of November:

  • #ImACeleb returned to our screens in November and the obvious elephant in the room was that there was no Ant this year. Although we knew this was the case it’s obviously strange to see as we’ve known nothing else. We have to say though that Holly has done a great job stepping in though. This years line up for #ImACeleb though is a great one. One of our favourites has to be Harry, just for his cracking stories! We’re really looking forward to finding out who win’s it!
  • In football there was a big final in with the #CopaLibertadoresFinal. A big meeting between two great rivals. The match was never going to be an easy one with fans being such fierce rivals. The final was meant to take place at the end of November but was postponed due to violence and team buses being attacked. The match got moved to the following day but unfortunately that had to be postponed also. They have now taken the decision to play the final outside Argentina and head to Spain to play at Real Madrid’s stadium. This should be an interesting encounter should the match ever go ahead.
  • There was some big news for NASA in November as their mission to land a robot on #Mars to explore finally touch downed. This is a huge step in science as this is one of the first to ever land there. There was a dangerous moment during the landing to what was described as 7 minutes of terror. This is because during landing the shuttle had to slow down from high speed to a very slow speed really quickly. The good news though is that it was successful. We’re really looking forward to seeing photos and see what kind of data they collect from #Mars.
  • #Brexit was once again in the news (as it has been for a long time). But in November the Prime Minister put together the UKs draft leave and trade agreement. This is obviously just a draft and has to get through Parliament first. She will be met by plenty of challengers and I’m sure we will hear more as the months go on.
  • As normal #BlackFriday took place on the last second to last Friday of November. Something that originally started off in America that then made its way over to the UK. Queues were also lacking across the UK, we’ve seen 100s of people rushing stores in the past. Another thing to note that a lot of deals seem to spread across a week or two rather than just the one day. I suppose that could be a good thing as it gives people time.

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