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Looking back at May 2019


3rd June 2019

May has passed and we’re now entering the second half of the year. A lot seems to have happened already this year but let’s take a look back at May:

  • Politics was in the headline again in May after growing pressure on #TheresaMay and Brexit. This time though it was because #TheresaMay announced that she was to stand down as Prime minster on June 7th (2019). She announced her resignation in an emotional statement outside of Downing Street. With Brexit on the horizon and talk appearing to be getting no where it would seem that who ever takes over from #TheresaMay has a job on their hands.
  • At the end of May we saw an all English #EuropaLeague Final in Baku. UEFA faced a lot of criticism over holding the Final in Baku, this was mainly due to poor travel arrangements and the city/airport seemingly not being able to handle this amount of visitors. Travellers were left frustrated as there seemed to be no direct flights and some travelled for 5 days. As you can imagine this meant a lot of supporters were priced out of going out to Baku or simply had no way of getting there. This meant that the Chelsea and Arsenal section of the stadium had a lot of empty seats with some reporting that 1000s of tickets didn’t sell. Not only did UEFA face criticism for this but as they normally do they only gave ticket allocation to a very small number of fans. Enough of the disastrous planning as I’m sure you’ve all seen it in the news and Twitter etc. As I said it was an all English #EuropaLeague final as Chelsea took on Arsenal which is also a London Derby. The game finished 4-1 in favour of Chelsea.
  • I’m sure none of us have forgotten but we were treated to two #BankHolidays in May. The Early May and Spring #BankHoliday. For us May seemed to have flown by, maybe these #BankHolidays shortening two weeks had something to do with it. Whatever you did with your break we hope you had a great time.
  • If you’re into your game then you would probably have seen the teaser trailer for the new #ModernWarfare game which is set to come out in October. Those who are into the series will realise this seems to be a remake of what was arguably one of the best Call of Duty’s in the series and is what kind of really kickstarted the series in terms of growth. We’re looking forward to seeing what the game has to offer.
  • In the news you probably saw that #JamieOlivers restaurant chain which included Jamie’s Italian and others sadly fell into administration. It’s reported that 22 of the restaurants has closed with more than 1,000 jobs also being lost. It’s sad for all involved as another restaurant you’re used to seeing in the high street closes. It’s not something we like to see and we hope Jamie and anyone else affected can recover from this situation.

If you want to chat to us about this article then you can find us on Twitter @thehashtaghq.

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