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Looking back at July 2019


1st August 2019

Is Summer finally here? July was a real mixed bag in terms of weather but a lot seemed to have happened during the month. Let’s take a look back:

  • At the end of July some big news broke although it was kind of to be expected if you follow politics. #BorisJohnson became UK Prime Minister and Tory Party leader. As we all knew Theresa May resigned as Prime Minister earlier in the year although she stayed in position until #BorisJohnson was elected. Theresa officially resigned on the 24th July after going to Buckingham Palace to officially do so. Now the UK has #BorisJohnson in charge and he’s certainly a controversial character and his appointment has been met with a mixed reaction. We hope it works out and he delivers what the country wants. Only time will tell and he’s got a big job on his hands with Brexit.
  • The #Weather in July was certainly mixed. We did however see some sort of Summer in July as temperatures rocketed especially at the end of July where some temperatures across the UK reached 30 degrees plus. This did however also deliver us showers and thunderstorms over July. Heading in to August we hope the #Weather continues to deliver and we get a proper Summer!
  • Unless you’re living under a rock or you don’t use #Twitter then you’ve probably not seen that #Twitter have given the desktop version a make up which has been called #NewTwitter. It’s safe to say that it hasn’t gone down to well but on the other hand some people love it. Obviously #Twitter want to do something different and a design update was always going to happen at some point so if this a case of getting used to something new or being used to the old design we now don’t want it to change? Personally, we don’t like the #NewTwitter as there are a few bugs and things have moved and are now not so easy to find/access but I’m sure #Twitter will refine these things over time. What do you think of the #NewTwitter?
  • #LoveIsland has finally come to an end *SPOLIERS AHEAD* and the winners have been announced. Greg and Amber are this years winner of #LoveIsland. Molly and Tommy looked favourites to win the show after being coupled together for nearly the whole series. However Greg and Amber snatched the win after Greg only being in the Villa for around a week. Congratulations to them and lets see what’s next for the cast of 2019.
  • The #FortniteWorldCup (yes that is a thing) took a place at the end of July. Not something that we’re personally interested in but something that the headlines was the winner… the winner of the #FortniteWorldCup took home an incredible $3 Million! Who was the winner? A 16 year old won that incredible sum of money. I think this just goes to show how far eSports has come.

If you want to chat to us about this article then you can find us on Twitter @thehashtaghq.

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