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Looking Back at February 2020


2nd March 2020

With February being the shortest month of the year it’s no surprise it went by in a flash. Still, a lot happened in February so let’s take a look back:

  • It happens once a year and always in February, that’s right it’s #ValentinesDay. Some people love it and some people hate it. Whatever you feel about it there’s no escaping #ValentinesDay especially if you’re active on Twitter and any other Social Media platforms! We’d love to hear how you celebrated #ValentinesDay, drop us a tweet on Twitter (@thehashtaghq).
  • February also brought #Snow to large parts of the UK during the end of the month. Earlier in the month the UK was battered by two storms; #StormCiara and #StormDennis. Both of these storms brought massive disruption with them. Strong winds and heavy rain caused debris in the roads, paths, gardens and railway lines which also brought some of the worst floods the UK have seen in recent years. So bad that some parts of the UK are still recovering from the floods going into March. We hope anyone effected is being taken care of and will soon be back on their feet.
  • The #CoronaVirus was in the news again in February and I’m sure it will be in the news for many months to come. With a lot of countries declaring the #CoronaVirus as a national emergency. Here in the UK people travelling from ‘infected’ areas are being placed into quarantine for 2 weeks to avoid the virus spreading. There have been reports of British people being stuck on Cruise Ships (as ports were refusing them to dock) and also being stranded as flights or other modes of transports stopped operating in that area. As February went on more cases became known and the #CoronaVirus spread to more countries. We hope that it will soon be under control or a vaccine is released soon.
  • The #ChampionsLeague returned in February for the knockout stages. So far the British teams seemed to have struggled in the first leg with Spurs, Chelsea and Liverpool needing a lot to do in the second leg. It’s certainly a really tough one to call this year but who are you backing to lift the #ChampionsLeague trophy?
  • Staying on the subject of Football, #ManchesterCity were hit with a massive fine and a 2-year ban from the ChampionsLeague which was issued by UEFA. The ban/fine relates to #ManchesterCity allegedly breaching Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules. We say allegedly as although UEFA find them guilty #ManchesterCity have now sent an appeal to the Court of Arbitration. #ManchesterCity have made it no secret that they are going to appeal this ban as far as they can. If the appeal isn’t successful then questions will be asked towards the FA and if they will impose some sort of penalty towards #ManchesterCity. This story will be really interesting to see how it finishes as it’s one of the biggest penalties UEFA has ever issued.

If you want to chat to us about this article then you can find us on Twitter @thehashtaghq.

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